Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Achieve Your Massachusetts Real Estate License

Real Estate practitioners are professionals who are licensed to carry out their business in the area they serve. If you are in the Massachusetts area, you must obtain a Massachusetts Real Estate License before you can legitimately become a real estate agent. New licensing requirements have been put into effect since June 1, 2011 for the State of Massachusetts and persons wishing to become real estate practitioners are expected to comply.
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Some Critical Steps

In order to obtain your license you must undergo at least 40 contact hours of training in an approved institution that follows a curriculum sanctioned by the Massachusetts Board of Registration. Note carefully that online real estate courses will not contribute to your qualification for a Mass Real Estate License so don't fall for those Internet scams. After completing your classroom training, your next step is to sit the State examinations. Follow the exam application instructions to ensure a successful test.

It is important that you pass your State real estate examinations as this will open the door for any of the real estate jobs in Boston and other cities in the State of Massachusetts. Although you are a licensed real estate sales representative at this point, you can only work for an established real estate firm or broker and would not be allowed to set up shop on your own. If you already have a real estate license from another State you can apply for a license in Massachusetts without having to take the compulsory classes and sit the examinations.

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