Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How To Make The Most of FSBO

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Home owners wishing to sell their properties and upgrade to newer, larger homes might find that it is a little more challenging without help from real estate professionals. First of all, they would need to understand the real estate market and what needed to be done to achieve the best deal. There are certain factors that must be considered to avoid potential pitfalls in the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) approach.

What to consider in selling your own property

One of the first pitfalls to avoid in selling your property on your own is to under estimate the actual value of your property. It is a good idea to first obtain a professional appraisal of your property’s value before you sell. You can also take a look, for example, at listings of the homes for sale in Brookline MA and compare the prices being offered for homes similar to yours. You will also need to be aware of any additional transaction fees that may affect your final selling price.

One advantage of selling your property without the help of any of the many realtors in Boston is that you do not pay the realtor’s commission. Of course, avoiding this commission should not be the only reason for going it alone. You can also rely on social media as an effective way to share information about the property and making the necessary arrangements for viewing it. Being prepared to show your house to interested buyers is an important part of selling on your own. Be careful not to attract undesirable persons in the process.

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